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Board Short Quality Inspection
- Dec 06, 2018 -

Board short quality inspection

board shorts inspection

Recently we have assisted our customers in the quality sampling of board short.

Some styles of men's board short have been completed.

The fabric is 100% polyester microfiber.

Lining is mesh fabric.

This is a board short with a washing effect.

It is a popular style in recent years.

We conduct random inspections of unpackaged goods.

Check size and workmanship,

There are also errors in the color matching of fabrics and accessories.

It is now the main production of swimwear and shorts.

Because most European and American customers need to receive the goods around April,

This way they can be ready to enter the market before the summer.

Shipping usually takes 30-40 days.

Therefore, the factory completed the production of most of the products before February.

Quality management and finished product inspection are very important

We need to have strict requirements at every stage.

Learn more about board shorts: https://www.keystarup.com/product-category/board-shorts